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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Work Means More Money Right??????????

There are a lot of people who really think that if they just work harder, more money will roll in the door. Or they think that if they just stay working at there job, that sooner or later they will be making a million dollars a year.
Maybe you don't think that, well have you ever thought about what your doing now and where its going to get you? If you stay where your at, and do the same things that you do every day, is that going to get you where you want to go? Oh! you don't know where your going. That makes a lot of sense. I can see now why you say that you're never going to make a million dollars a year. Wait, is it even possible to make a million dollars a year?
I don't want to blow your mind with large numbers. What about 500k a year? Oh! you don't know how much you'd like to make a year? So what are your reasons for making money online again? Oh! you don't have your reasons wrote down yet.
So let me get this strait, you don't know where your going, or how much money you want to make. You also have not set down on paper what your reasons are for acquiring more money, or a different job.
OK! My analysis is, your going to remain broke!
Like it, or Change it

Friday, December 17, 2010

Turning Your Idea Into Money In Your Pocket

I want you to take a minute, and go over your idea again in your mind. There are a couple of things that make a good idea turn into money. All of those things you can figure out on your own.
What I want to talk about is your idea, and how solid you are on the fact it's going to work. So I'm going to try to talk to you out of your idea. So let's have some fun.
Your idea although you think its great, you probably don't know any body with enough money to put your idea on the market. Where would you, and how could you think you could come up with that much money. 
Somebody else already is putting your idea into work, and it will end up being a waste of time. 
So where does that leave you, Oh your idea is really good. Sure 6 years down the road you'll be old, your idea will to, and you will have failed. What are all your friends going to say when you've failed, and wasted your life. Or you'll spend 4 years working on it, just to have some schmo steal your idea and make a fortune. 
I hope you get the (idea) you are not going to be able to turn a good idea into money unless you have a firm solid, unshakable spirit, with which to shove your idea into the hands of users, clients, or customers. 
It takes boldness, self discipline, self control, and a strong will. 
So before you tell all your friends, and turn your idea into a statistic, on the wall of fame of quitters. Be sure to establish your "when your going to quit point". (stopping point)  And hopefully you don't have one.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Money Online (Key Points)

Making money online is no different then any other business out there. You still have to have a product, or service. You still need customers, so that means you still need to market. Which in-turn means you have a business.
First key point to making money online is Quality.
The internet is filled with people scamming, advertising, and taking advantage of people's information, all in the name of making money online.
Difference is that the internet prey's on a major issue that the average person struggles with, that is getting something for nothing. When you think of making money online, that is what goes through your mind. Like its going to be easy, your not going to have to work. Just sit at your computer. Sure!
So when deciding to build an online business to make money from home. Build a business of quality.
Second key point to making money online is Imagination.
The internet is filled with rituals, and repeat business people, all things that have been done, and tried.
Think outside the box, imagine, create. Enjoy it! The next new inventions, and businesses will spring from the internet. Fact!
Learn it, Love it, Live it,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Get Motivated About an Idea

The big question everyone asks me is; "What do I do to make money?". Actually I really couldn't tell you.
I know your panicking right now saying " I thought you had the answer"
Well I didn't say I couldn't help you with the answer. You see the key to making money at anything is passion, motivation, and persistence. If you are going to be able to accomplish any task whatsoever, you must first have one of these key's.
If you are not passionate about a particular idea for making money, as soon as the road gets tough you will bail.
No matter how much you may like it, or think its a great idea, that doesn't matter when were talking about surviving the down times.
So how do you get motivated about an idea. Well 3 steps to motivation, You Ready!
1. Write the idea down
2. Write down the steps to accomplish this idea, or get it started.
3. Read self help books and tapes before beginning any new venture or idea.
Number 3 is the main point here, get you some self help books, and start reading daily. Because your mind is trained to be lazy, and mentally lazy people don't study, don't start new idea's, and don't care if it fails or not.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,
In the word's of Nike, Just Do It

Friday, December 10, 2010

Effective Work Ethic Used to Make Money

An effective work ethic is probably one of the most important things in your pursuit of financial freedom.
But the part of it I would like to go over today is; What are you working on?
This is important because money can be obtained in 2 ways, Trade, and Interest. Now both of these are really close to the same, however they are two very different things in our world today.
Trade for instance whether you know it, or not is something you probably do every day, when you head off to work, trading hours for dollars. And Interest is something you should earn on the money that you earned.
Lets just say if your spending your hard earned dollars on material things, and bills, and your not earning any interest on the money you made. That makes you a waster.
You have to use both to make a well rounded living.
The other thing is in both categories of making money, you need to make sure you are performing both tasks with the most effective work ethic. An example would be $10 an hour instead of $7, or 10% interest instead of 7%.(you get the idea) Keep it simple, more is better.
Your money needs to work harder then you do. For real people! Its not just a saying.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are You Scared To Fail?

I used to own and operate a lawn and landscaping company. I started strong, had lots of hopes and dreams for the company. I spent 3 years mowing grass, building a customer base, and purchasing various pieces of equipment. Then a funny thing started to take place. I slowly realized that the person I had to be, in order to have employees, direct them, fire them, lead them, and to build a company. Was not the person I wanted to become in life. All of a sudden here I was with a fairly successful company, not real successful, but it was full time. And where it was going was scaring me. 
So I had the choice to FAIL, or to keep working at it. Nothing happened where I looked at my company and said well my company failed.
But what did happen is the goals that I had set out for my company, the expectations for how it would be failed. 
So then I retired my company (sold it) and went on to a different company that would target more of my goals. 
If you have read my article on "Mop Or a Scrub Brush" you know that I firmly believe that a business, or job, or career is merely a tool to help you to reach your goals. 
So stand strong on what you want, your desire, a clear concise plan of action. Then go for it and remember if one of you tools breaks, buy a new one, go about it a different way, whatever you have to do to rectify the situation.
Don't quit on your goals, and remember sometimes tools fail.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why is the Abundance of Money Looked down on?

Everyone has heard of the farmer that planted a huge field of corn, and then when it came time to harvest the corn after it had grown a plenteous harvest. Nobody stood in front of the farmer and said "You should be ashamed of yourself for wanting to have an abundant crop or being happy with receiving an abundant harvest". Now why would that be, I'll tell you; "Nobody wanted to do the work that the farmer did, in order receive the abundance that he received. They knew it took work.
The next time somebody looks down on you for wanting to make a lot of money, or be wealthy, or drive a nice car. Maybe you should reexplain to them the work, planning, action, and persistence its going to take to acquire such a grand future.
Nothing ever killed the ability to acquire money more then "The intense desire to acquire something for nothing". I think that every body down deep inside knows that there really is no free lunch.
Some have done it, and if you think your fate will be any different then theirs, you my friend are living in a fantasy world.
I am saving room for the next topic which I will post tomorrow, on effective work ethic.Which goes hand in hand with desire. It is mainly looking at the end of your current career to see if what your doing now is going to render you the benefits that you so longingly desire.
Night To ALL

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Make Money with GREED!

Greed is defined (in your online dictionary) as; An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.
It is a commonly stated Bible verse; The Love of Money is the root of all evil. So lets start there, when one finds him or herself seeking to have just a little bit more where does it cross the line to greed? The desire to better ones self is a noble desire. The bum under the bridge obviously, most would hope that he would increase his desire to better himself. And of course your brother-in-law that always borrows money from you, of course you wish he would better himself. 
So the key word in this definition of the word "greed" is going to be "excessive". 
And this apply's in any case where you desire to have more then you need. Sleep for instance can be desired to an excessive nature, food also can be excessively desired. So the key is to not allow yourself to go overboard in desiring one thing or another. (or is it) 
Greed in its truest form can destroy you, if you read any kind of history, there are many stories available about men, and women who have given themselves over to money, liquor, sex, and other things that in most cases are meant to be enjoyed. However greed is a very strong power that can be used in a good way; for instance to remove you from the couch, and into action to better yourself. 
I strongly believe that "balanced people go nowhere" (duh) in terms of moving forward. To finalize where I get that from lets have a little science lesson. When analyzing  balance, with walking, or running. In order to move forward you need to become unbalanced in that direction, then as your mind realizes that you are falling your foot and leg moves to catch you. That repeated motion is called walking. (Wow deep science lesson) 
So you may need to increase your desire for money if you intend on obtaining more of it, in other words "become off balanced" so your mind has to move your body to catch you. 
In order to do that there is a two step process, which I will explain in the form of this wonderful example by Robert Kiyoski. 
Imagine your standing in front of you kitchen counter in your right hand is a gallon of milk, and in you left an 8 ounce empty glass. You start to pour the gallon of milk into the 8 ounce glass, and suddenly you realize that you can't fit the entire gallon of milk into the 8 ounce glass. (big surprise) So you increase the size of the glass, and what do you know, each time the size in increased more milk can fit into the glass. 
So in this two step process to acquiring more money you first must increase the size of your ability, and faith to acquire more money then you are currently acquiring. Then when the milk, or money is poured your way you will be able to hold on to more then before. 
Great now we can practicalize (I know its not a word, Deal With It) this situation. In order for you to expand the amount of money you can currently possess you need to learn more about how it works, where it likes to hang out, what its good at, who it likes to hang around. Thats right! Learn more about your new found friend.
Hang out with her until you know her by heart, then you can take care of her better.
More later. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Retirement, When Is A Good Time to Retire

What is the actual idea behind retiring anyway. I know most people see retirement as a time to relax, or enjoy life. But honestly who really has the money to retire anyway, and if you do have some money usually, its not enough to relax, or enjoy anything. Most people go back to work after they retire.
Let me ask you something, who would want to up, and stop being of any use to society anyway, I mean really. I want to always enjoy life. Remember this one very important thought; if what you spend the majority of your time on right now was gone tomorrow. Would your life be over.
I would not want to retire just to find out that I didn't have enough money to pay my bills, and I was still in the same boat that I was when I had a job.
Please listen to me, you need an idea, don't spend the rest of you life depending on your job, your place of employment to take care of you when your older.
This is your wake up call give off your tuff and learn something.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I know you want me to tell you how to Make Money Online

But that would be way to easy; You think if someone would just tell you how to do it you would do it and would make a fortune. But its not true. You hear me its not true, no one can tell you how they can just give you ideas. But the truth is no one has even scratched the surface of how the internet can be used to make money. You remember when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, no one even thought it was possible. The internet is the blank chalk board of the future. But you my blog reading friend are not going to take the time to learn what you need to learn, do what you need to do, organize what needs to be organized to make money online. Also in the back of your mind you don't even really think that its possible. I mean you have always worked a job for money why would now be any different. Why today; I encourage you to change today. Don't even give it a second thought, as Nike says, Just Do It. Think about it organize it and put it into action. Study, its possible make it possible.
There is a great Bible verse I always apply to these situations, it says "Faith cometh by Hearing and Hearing by the word of God. That is true of the bible and is also true of anything else. If you want to believe fill your mind with it, if you want to know it study it, then apply it.
Go For It.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Money Concepts (Decisions)

I heard a well know business owner once say, "I only have to be right 51% of the time" Now lets think about this I know that if you are looking at making a move into owning your own business, or maybe making some money on the side online. You are looking at all the opportunity's out there and saying to yourself how am I supposed to pick the right one? What if I choose the wrong one? How do I know if I pick the right one? All of these questions you should ask yourself, you wouldn't be human if you didn't. But let me ask you this if you started and failed at 10 businesses in 15 years, and then the 11th business you started succeeded big time. And you made millions of dollars. What would that mean to you. I mean if you had a job and worked for 40 years what would they give you.
This is my point what ever you set you mind to learn that is what you are going to learn. Trial and error, try, and fail. Its an important part of winning. Did you hear me I said that LOSING IS AN IMPORTANT INGREDIENT FOR WINNING. Get that people. I know that you said you hate to lose. I even know that when you lose you are going to feel terrible the first time, second time, and maybe even the 100th time. But celebrate your losses, learn from them.
Remember the money guru Dave Ramsey, most people know him. You should read his biography sometime. He failed miserably lots of times. But wouldn't you love to have his bank account.
He turned his horrible dealings with money into millions of dollars. Incredible.
Lemons to lemonade.
Remember instead of being scared of making the wrong decision, be afraid of not making a decision. And being stuck in your job you are a slave to for the rest of your life. Wake Up People.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Facebook and Making Money Online

Did you know that when Facebook first started it was free. I know what your saying, its still free. Actually how could a business that is completely free, become a 25 billion dollar industry. This is a very important question when it comes to making money online. It has to do with what the internet is all about, INFORMATION.
Why do you go online in the first place, most times its for information. Thats what it was invented to to do. Provide you with good, or bad information from all different kinds of sources.
So there is two ways we will discuss from this to make money online. First one is through providing the service to help other people to post there information online. Like this blog for instances, blogger was invented to help people like me and maybe you to post there information online in order for you to have access to;
Now that can be done through selling domain names, webspace, or web design.
The next way you can make money online, is to provide the information. Ask yourself these very important questions. What do you know about? What do you want to know about? What do you like to talk about?
I don't care what it is, and you shouldn't either. Because the truth is what ever you know somebody else might wanna know. And if you think there are already people writing about what you want to write about your correct. But NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY in the world can see something exactly the way you see it. So GO FOR IT, give it a try.
Let somebody know your opinion.

Do You Have A Question About Money or Investing ?????

I would love to answer your questions about money, or investing.
If you have a particular question regarding a particular investment, or a type of investing.
Or if you have a question about budgeting, making money online, working from home, or financial planning.
All questions financial related are accepted.
And I post, and new article answering your question to the best of my ability.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

4 Step System To Investing

4 Step System To Investing. Funny how we go through life every day not even realizing where our money really goes. Somebody great once said, you don't know what you got till its gone! But some how we seem to trade our time for money and then our money for stuff, and then start again.
Lets take for example that new 52 inch flat screen LED Television you got your eye on down at your local retailer, or maybe there is something else you've got your eye on that you want. What most people don't realize is that purchasing that TV is really losing your money. You will never get the money you paid for it, back out of that TV. Now later on down the road you may get some money for the TV, but definitely won't get it back. But society makes it so grand to spend your money on whatever is new.
So what's the answer? Knowledge; you need to learn where to put your money. (And its not in Mutual Funds, Mutual Funds is for lazy people, there I said it). What you you need to do is FOCUS! Focus on what you want to learn, pick something. Here it is The 4 Step System To Investing. Take stocks, or real estate, or gold, silver, oil, what ever it is, start right now studying. YES, I said it, and I'll say it again, thats your first step. Study just one topic, learn every thing you can about it. Then Step 2. Try It! Your gonna have to get your feet wet sooner or later, so choose sooner.
Then Step 3. Mess up. Just get in there and mess something up. Lose a little, its good for you don't go through life with out a single mistake on your record, you'll never get anywhere. Think about how you learned to ride a bike.
Step 4. Learn and Move On. Don't sit there when you mess up, and certainly don't give up. Try it again, and again, and again. Do it until you get it right, because the payoff is well worth it.
You can do it, one of the best ways to stay motivated is to try to improve your life with a self help book, or cd. Improve yourself, and by all means stop saying its just the economy. What did the economy ever do to you anyway. GET OVER IT! Move on. Stop making excuses, and change your life.
Go to work on the present!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turn Your Words To Money, Online

I turned and walked down the hall "It can't be done!" I heard him scream. I personally knew that making money online could be done, I had dedicated my life to building a business from home, and now some business guy from Chicago was going to tell me it couldn't be done. I climbed into my car and drove aimlessly for miles. Seeing a Starbucks I pulled in, money was getting tighter then the tie around my neck, but I had to have a White Chocolate Mocha Frap. I walked in and was greeted politely " Hi How is your day today" "Fine" I replied. Knowing my day was worse then fine, my life was turned upside down, I had just sold a business, thinking that all my hard work, planning would pay off, and that my idea was going to take me running into the sunset of my future. Now I had only fallen off success cliff and into a muddy pit of no job, no business, no money. Well take that back, I did have a business 2 in fact, just no success. How could I build a business from home, online. I had tried almost every method, wasted thousands of dollars, I mean it was so clear to me, that wasting money online was defiantly easy. The cool ice of a very tasty coffee soothed down my throat, my hand clinched the cold cup. What was I waiting for? How come I let this one guy pull me down so low? I really looked up to him. We had been friends for a long time, but now with the economy crunch it was driving us apart. Money, Money, Money thats what stood between me and my dream, of working from my quite office at home, traveling the world. I had to use the internet to make money, I know there are lots of people doing it somewhere, surly it could
Then out of nowhere it hit me, I'll sell my words!
The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness I know your probably thinking "where is he going with this", truth is that most people don't understand the power behind the written word. It can convince someone who is totally sane that they are in a world of loony people, or it can turn someone from what they have always believed to something else. Take the bible for instance, it has been around for generations, people have given there lives for the written word, because they believed what it said was true.
You just have to put them together, combine your words with truth and quality.
Search engines across the World Wide Web are based on the Spider method of crawling websites for words. Maybe that why when you are searching for a particular topic you come across a article that seems to repeat what you typed into the search bar about 20 times through the article. This is called using Keywords to attract readers. 
However providing what the reader wants is key though. Write with keywords but provide deep, practicle meaning also, and you win the crowd.
To find out how you can build your own business through selling your words click below.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lessons Of Money, No Object

What would you do if money was no object?

This question though simple is something we need to ask ourselves when planning our lives for the future. Not because we are planning to have all the money in the world, but because most of us are resticted by the amount of money we have. We will always tell our kids, or wife, that we can't afford that, which really isn't a problem. 
But just make sure that money is not controling your life.

Money is a very powerful tool I say that because it is a tool
When you are asked this question (
(What would you do if money was no object?)

....what is the first thing that comes to mind
            -Would you still budget your money
            -Would you need to
            -Would you do the same things that you do now both work, personal, Spirtual, Phyisicaly, Every aspect of your life.
I think what it comes down too is this: If I gave you a 100,000$ Loan with no intrest no payments for 10 years, But at the end of 10 years you had to give the entire amount back
            -Could you do it
            -Would you take the loan
            -Would it help or hurt you
            -How would it effect your finances

Key To Money Making, Use A Mop

Scrub Brush instead of a Mop

Sitting at dinner one evening, we were dicussing about the phrase easy money. Someone had told me that week (while speaking generally) that I was always after easy money. We were thinking that obtaining money is just like any other job that you might do, lets take cleaning a floor for instance.
Why would you use a scrub brush to clean the floor instead of a mop. I mean the scrub brush would probably get it cleaner then the mop. But lets say your boss didn't care which one you used and he told you to clean the floor and pointed to the scrub brush.
Now if you had never heard a mop you migh grab the scrub brush and go to work. Other wise when he pointed to the scrub brush, you would then ask him do you have a mop, It might be faster, and easier.
Same with making money. You can work for it, (and there is harder and easier things to do) or you can invest the money that you get to make more money. Which ever you prefer, but if you've never heard of investing, or you don't know what, or how to invest you might continue to work all your life. All I'm suggessting is that you learn the other way to do it.
If I could show you a way to consistently double your money once a week. Would you do that or continue to try to find a job. I'm not saying that a job isn't neccessary I'm only saying that after you have used the scrub brush for a year or two in your business, you might have enough money to buy a mop.
Do what you want to become.

Before You Quit Your Job

Now let me just stop and say that there is nothing wrong with a job, every one should have something to do. And at some point in time I think that everyone should work, and earn there money.
But if you take that money which is valuable only because you spent your precious time to acquire it and you spend it on something meaningless, (and you know what you would buy, or what you want,) then you have sacrificed your time to purchase that item.
The only thing that makes money so valuable is that we sacrifice our time to get it. Someone that does nothing to get there money usually squanders it on something.
I say work for it, and then Invest it. don't sacrifice your time or your husband or wife's time for money then squander it.
People say in passing "Yea I'm killing time" I heard some one tell me that "I'm not killing time, Time is killing me".
Now they meant it has a joke and laughed, but I say that that statement is more true then you might think. Every hour you trade for money is one hour, that time is killing you. Keeping you from your family, and the things that are important in life.
Now maybe you say well there is no getting out of that I have to work a job I have to trade my time for money there's no other way. REALLY, do you want to stick with that.
Most people put our money in a savings account, or under there mattress, in a safe, trying to protect it, take care of it make it last as long as possible. (we don't want to lose it) And then will work themselves to death, trying to make more money.
People work humans to death and care and pamper there money. I see this as totally backwards. Use should work your money to death and care, and pamper yourself and your family.
To be continued................

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lesson Money 101, Coming From Nothing

Can money truly come from something besides your hard work. How about from something besides trading hours, for dollars.
Truly we live in a small world, or should I say a small box.
Today I heard a story off the show Master Minds. A young man a geologist that couldn't get a job as a CEO like he wanted. Went to another country, and raised the money he needed, bought a piece of land, and proceeded to build a multi billion dollar company digging for gold. Your probably thinking well I can't do that, I know I'm telling a story be patient. The problem was that he didn't have any gold. There was no gold on the property. He was seeding the samples himself with gold that he had bought. Then he was telling everybody that he was about to strike it big.
Now! This story is not something that I would recommend you going and doing. But it does go to show you that if you put your mind to work, you can come up with some crazy idea's.

My whole point I want to make is that money is not something that you simple must trade your time for, hours for dollars. But money is only what we agree it is. Money is invisible, its a contract, paper money is not real money. I know your confused now, you thought it was real. Money is created from capital. And I want to give you capital, that capital is your idea's.
To Be Continued........................

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lessons Money, Can Teach You

Lesson Money #1. Use Money, Not People
This term goes a long way in the business world, in every thing from running your employees into the ground, to laying off 100's of people. You need to know how to learn moneys' ways, what it likes where it goes, Etc....
But the term I want to talk about (Use Money, Not People) deals directly with the person, the individual, people in there every day life going to work, and coming home. In this lies lessons money can teach you. You need to think of money like your employee, and don't ever let it sit around and do nothing. Don't let it waste its energy! Study money like a project.
Money is Power, Money Has Power. That power will be used against you or in your favor. Most people choose to let money control them, never letting it out of there sight. But that's not how you learn money, you have to use it, you have to risk money's very existence.
This phrase (Use Money, Not People) comes to mind every time I hear some one say "well if I invest, I might lose my money". I often have wondered why people pamper, and care for their money, sometimes even more then there family. They will spend hours and hours of precious time at a job for little, or no money, and bring it home only to spend it on something that they don't need.
I will tell you every time; that this is the prime example of someone using people, not money. Why would you sacrifice time with your husband time with your wife, or kids. So you can buy you a big screen TV. I know in the back of your mind your saying, I wouldn't do that, But people do that around the U.S all day long. Sacrificing there most precious asset (time) for a dollar.
Your husband might say "Well I need the extra hours if we are going to go on vacation."
That is the kind of thinking I want to debunk in your mind. My hope is to teach you to use money, learn money, and make more money to purchase the things that you want. Instead of sacrificing your Husband or Wife to get those things.
To Be Continued.........................

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lessons Money, Won't Tell You

She stood up from the table, and walked over to the counter to pay. The young man from behind the counter greeted her, and took the receipt, and the money, from her hand.
As she payed for their meal she turned around to see her husband Joe, just standing up from the table. Their eyes met and he smiled.

It had been a long hard year for both Becky, and Joe.
Joe works long hours down at the factory in town, while Becky works as a clerk at a local food market. They never have really made much money, but between the two of them, their doing pretty good.

Joe! Becky says, as she turns away from the counter. Do you think that we will be able to find a new car for less then $4,000. I mean we got $6000 back on out taxes, but with the big screen TV that we bought we only have $4000 left over. Joe looks up, I don't know sweetheart, I am taking off work tomorrow and we can both go out an look for one. Great idea, You know! The food sure is good here. Becky replies. Joe turns his head, Yeah but its really expensive, if it wasn't for the left over money from the TV we wouldn't be able to afford to eat here. Becky smiling, baby we just got our taxes back, you need to learn to live a little, I mean you've worked hard all year, now its time to relax for a day, or so.
Hi! My name is Mike, and if the above story sounds familiar to you either you've heard it or have done it yourself, then you really need to read on. And if you think there was no problem with the story above you really need to listen.
I know your thinking about all the money problems that you have, but I guarantee that the problems that you think that you have are not "The Problem". Someone once said "Money Is Power, or Money Has Power."
I would like to share with you some insights into the lifestyle of "MONEY"