Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why is the Abundance of Money Looked down on?

Everyone has heard of the farmer that planted a huge field of corn, and then when it came time to harvest the corn after it had grown a plenteous harvest. Nobody stood in front of the farmer and said "You should be ashamed of yourself for wanting to have an abundant crop or being happy with receiving an abundant harvest". Now why would that be, I'll tell you; "Nobody wanted to do the work that the farmer did, in order receive the abundance that he received. They knew it took work.
The next time somebody looks down on you for wanting to make a lot of money, or be wealthy, or drive a nice car. Maybe you should reexplain to them the work, planning, action, and persistence its going to take to acquire such a grand future.
Nothing ever killed the ability to acquire money more then "The intense desire to acquire something for nothing". I think that every body down deep inside knows that there really is no free lunch.
Some have done it, and if you think your fate will be any different then theirs, you my friend are living in a fantasy world.
I am saving room for the next topic which I will post tomorrow, on effective work ethic.Which goes hand in hand with desire. It is mainly looking at the end of your current career to see if what your doing now is going to render you the benefits that you so longingly desire.
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