Monday, December 13, 2010

Get Motivated About an Idea

The big question everyone asks me is; "What do I do to make money?". Actually I really couldn't tell you.
I know your panicking right now saying " I thought you had the answer"
Well I didn't say I couldn't help you with the answer. You see the key to making money at anything is passion, motivation, and persistence. If you are going to be able to accomplish any task whatsoever, you must first have one of these key's.
If you are not passionate about a particular idea for making money, as soon as the road gets tough you will bail.
No matter how much you may like it, or think its a great idea, that doesn't matter when were talking about surviving the down times.
So how do you get motivated about an idea. Well 3 steps to motivation, You Ready!
1. Write the idea down
2. Write down the steps to accomplish this idea, or get it started.
3. Read self help books and tapes before beginning any new venture or idea.
Number 3 is the main point here, get you some self help books, and start reading daily. Because your mind is trained to be lazy, and mentally lazy people don't study, don't start new idea's, and don't care if it fails or not.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,
In the word's of Nike, Just Do It

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