Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Work Means More Money Right??????????

There are a lot of people who really think that if they just work harder, more money will roll in the door. Or they think that if they just stay working at there job, that sooner or later they will be making a million dollars a year.
Maybe you don't think that, well have you ever thought about what your doing now and where its going to get you? If you stay where your at, and do the same things that you do every day, is that going to get you where you want to go? Oh! you don't know where your going. That makes a lot of sense. I can see now why you say that you're never going to make a million dollars a year. Wait, is it even possible to make a million dollars a year?
I don't want to blow your mind with large numbers. What about 500k a year? Oh! you don't know how much you'd like to make a year? So what are your reasons for making money online again? Oh! you don't have your reasons wrote down yet.
So let me get this strait, you don't know where your going, or how much money you want to make. You also have not set down on paper what your reasons are for acquiring more money, or a different job.
OK! My analysis is, your going to remain broke!
Like it, or Change it

Friday, December 17, 2010

Turning Your Idea Into Money In Your Pocket

I want you to take a minute, and go over your idea again in your mind. There are a couple of things that make a good idea turn into money. All of those things you can figure out on your own.
What I want to talk about is your idea, and how solid you are on the fact it's going to work. So I'm going to try to talk to you out of your idea. So let's have some fun.
Your idea although you think its great, you probably don't know any body with enough money to put your idea on the market. Where would you, and how could you think you could come up with that much money. 
Somebody else already is putting your idea into work, and it will end up being a waste of time. 
So where does that leave you, Oh your idea is really good. Sure 6 years down the road you'll be old, your idea will to, and you will have failed. What are all your friends going to say when you've failed, and wasted your life. Or you'll spend 4 years working on it, just to have some schmo steal your idea and make a fortune. 
I hope you get the (idea) you are not going to be able to turn a good idea into money unless you have a firm solid, unshakable spirit, with which to shove your idea into the hands of users, clients, or customers. 
It takes boldness, self discipline, self control, and a strong will. 
So before you tell all your friends, and turn your idea into a statistic, on the wall of fame of quitters. Be sure to establish your "when your going to quit point". (stopping point)  And hopefully you don't have one.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Money Online (Key Points)

Making money online is no different then any other business out there. You still have to have a product, or service. You still need customers, so that means you still need to market. Which in-turn means you have a business.
First key point to making money online is Quality.
The internet is filled with people scamming, advertising, and taking advantage of people's information, all in the name of making money online.
Difference is that the internet prey's on a major issue that the average person struggles with, that is getting something for nothing. When you think of making money online, that is what goes through your mind. Like its going to be easy, your not going to have to work. Just sit at your computer. Sure!
So when deciding to build an online business to make money from home. Build a business of quality.
Second key point to making money online is Imagination.
The internet is filled with rituals, and repeat business people, all things that have been done, and tried.
Think outside the box, imagine, create. Enjoy it! The next new inventions, and businesses will spring from the internet. Fact!
Learn it, Love it, Live it,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Get Motivated About an Idea

The big question everyone asks me is; "What do I do to make money?". Actually I really couldn't tell you.
I know your panicking right now saying " I thought you had the answer"
Well I didn't say I couldn't help you with the answer. You see the key to making money at anything is passion, motivation, and persistence. If you are going to be able to accomplish any task whatsoever, you must first have one of these key's.
If you are not passionate about a particular idea for making money, as soon as the road gets tough you will bail.
No matter how much you may like it, or think its a great idea, that doesn't matter when were talking about surviving the down times.
So how do you get motivated about an idea. Well 3 steps to motivation, You Ready!
1. Write the idea down
2. Write down the steps to accomplish this idea, or get it started.
3. Read self help books and tapes before beginning any new venture or idea.
Number 3 is the main point here, get you some self help books, and start reading daily. Because your mind is trained to be lazy, and mentally lazy people don't study, don't start new idea's, and don't care if it fails or not.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,
In the word's of Nike, Just Do It

Friday, December 10, 2010

Effective Work Ethic Used to Make Money

An effective work ethic is probably one of the most important things in your pursuit of financial freedom.
But the part of it I would like to go over today is; What are you working on?
This is important because money can be obtained in 2 ways, Trade, and Interest. Now both of these are really close to the same, however they are two very different things in our world today.
Trade for instance whether you know it, or not is something you probably do every day, when you head off to work, trading hours for dollars. And Interest is something you should earn on the money that you earned.
Lets just say if your spending your hard earned dollars on material things, and bills, and your not earning any interest on the money you made. That makes you a waster.
You have to use both to make a well rounded living.
The other thing is in both categories of making money, you need to make sure you are performing both tasks with the most effective work ethic. An example would be $10 an hour instead of $7, or 10% interest instead of 7%.(you get the idea) Keep it simple, more is better.
Your money needs to work harder then you do. For real people! Its not just a saying.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are You Scared To Fail?

I used to own and operate a lawn and landscaping company. I started strong, had lots of hopes and dreams for the company. I spent 3 years mowing grass, building a customer base, and purchasing various pieces of equipment. Then a funny thing started to take place. I slowly realized that the person I had to be, in order to have employees, direct them, fire them, lead them, and to build a company. Was not the person I wanted to become in life. All of a sudden here I was with a fairly successful company, not real successful, but it was full time. And where it was going was scaring me. 
So I had the choice to FAIL, or to keep working at it. Nothing happened where I looked at my company and said well my company failed.
But what did happen is the goals that I had set out for my company, the expectations for how it would be failed. 
So then I retired my company (sold it) and went on to a different company that would target more of my goals. 
If you have read my article on "Mop Or a Scrub Brush" you know that I firmly believe that a business, or job, or career is merely a tool to help you to reach your goals. 
So stand strong on what you want, your desire, a clear concise plan of action. Then go for it and remember if one of you tools breaks, buy a new one, go about it a different way, whatever you have to do to rectify the situation.
Don't quit on your goals, and remember sometimes tools fail.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why is the Abundance of Money Looked down on?

Everyone has heard of the farmer that planted a huge field of corn, and then when it came time to harvest the corn after it had grown a plenteous harvest. Nobody stood in front of the farmer and said "You should be ashamed of yourself for wanting to have an abundant crop or being happy with receiving an abundant harvest". Now why would that be, I'll tell you; "Nobody wanted to do the work that the farmer did, in order receive the abundance that he received. They knew it took work.
The next time somebody looks down on you for wanting to make a lot of money, or be wealthy, or drive a nice car. Maybe you should reexplain to them the work, planning, action, and persistence its going to take to acquire such a grand future.
Nothing ever killed the ability to acquire money more then "The intense desire to acquire something for nothing". I think that every body down deep inside knows that there really is no free lunch.
Some have done it, and if you think your fate will be any different then theirs, you my friend are living in a fantasy world.
I am saving room for the next topic which I will post tomorrow, on effective work ethic.Which goes hand in hand with desire. It is mainly looking at the end of your current career to see if what your doing now is going to render you the benefits that you so longingly desire.
Night To ALL

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Make Money with GREED!

Greed is defined (in your online dictionary) as; An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.
It is a commonly stated Bible verse; The Love of Money is the root of all evil. So lets start there, when one finds him or herself seeking to have just a little bit more where does it cross the line to greed? The desire to better ones self is a noble desire. The bum under the bridge obviously, most would hope that he would increase his desire to better himself. And of course your brother-in-law that always borrows money from you, of course you wish he would better himself. 
So the key word in this definition of the word "greed" is going to be "excessive". 
And this apply's in any case where you desire to have more then you need. Sleep for instance can be desired to an excessive nature, food also can be excessively desired. So the key is to not allow yourself to go overboard in desiring one thing or another. (or is it) 
Greed in its truest form can destroy you, if you read any kind of history, there are many stories available about men, and women who have given themselves over to money, liquor, sex, and other things that in most cases are meant to be enjoyed. However greed is a very strong power that can be used in a good way; for instance to remove you from the couch, and into action to better yourself. 
I strongly believe that "balanced people go nowhere" (duh) in terms of moving forward. To finalize where I get that from lets have a little science lesson. When analyzing  balance, with walking, or running. In order to move forward you need to become unbalanced in that direction, then as your mind realizes that you are falling your foot and leg moves to catch you. That repeated motion is called walking. (Wow deep science lesson) 
So you may need to increase your desire for money if you intend on obtaining more of it, in other words "become off balanced" so your mind has to move your body to catch you. 
In order to do that there is a two step process, which I will explain in the form of this wonderful example by Robert Kiyoski. 
Imagine your standing in front of you kitchen counter in your right hand is a gallon of milk, and in you left an 8 ounce empty glass. You start to pour the gallon of milk into the 8 ounce glass, and suddenly you realize that you can't fit the entire gallon of milk into the 8 ounce glass. (big surprise) So you increase the size of the glass, and what do you know, each time the size in increased more milk can fit into the glass. 
So in this two step process to acquiring more money you first must increase the size of your ability, and faith to acquire more money then you are currently acquiring. Then when the milk, or money is poured your way you will be able to hold on to more then before. 
Great now we can practicalize (I know its not a word, Deal With It) this situation. In order for you to expand the amount of money you can currently possess you need to learn more about how it works, where it likes to hang out, what its good at, who it likes to hang around. Thats right! Learn more about your new found friend.
Hang out with her until you know her by heart, then you can take care of her better.
More later.