Friday, December 17, 2010

Turning Your Idea Into Money In Your Pocket

I want you to take a minute, and go over your idea again in your mind. There are a couple of things that make a good idea turn into money. All of those things you can figure out on your own.
What I want to talk about is your idea, and how solid you are on the fact it's going to work. So I'm going to try to talk to you out of your idea. So let's have some fun.
Your idea although you think its great, you probably don't know any body with enough money to put your idea on the market. Where would you, and how could you think you could come up with that much money. 
Somebody else already is putting your idea into work, and it will end up being a waste of time. 
So where does that leave you, Oh your idea is really good. Sure 6 years down the road you'll be old, your idea will to, and you will have failed. What are all your friends going to say when you've failed, and wasted your life. Or you'll spend 4 years working on it, just to have some schmo steal your idea and make a fortune. 
I hope you get the (idea) you are not going to be able to turn a good idea into money unless you have a firm solid, unshakable spirit, with which to shove your idea into the hands of users, clients, or customers. 
It takes boldness, self discipline, self control, and a strong will. 
So before you tell all your friends, and turn your idea into a statistic, on the wall of fame of quitters. Be sure to establish your "when your going to quit point". (stopping point)  And hopefully you don't have one.
Learn it, Love it, Live it,

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