Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are You Scared To Fail?

I used to own and operate a lawn and landscaping company. I started strong, had lots of hopes and dreams for the company. I spent 3 years mowing grass, building a customer base, and purchasing various pieces of equipment. Then a funny thing started to take place. I slowly realized that the person I had to be, in order to have employees, direct them, fire them, lead them, and to build a company. Was not the person I wanted to become in life. All of a sudden here I was with a fairly successful company, not real successful, but it was full time. And where it was going was scaring me. 
So I had the choice to FAIL, or to keep working at it. Nothing happened where I looked at my company and said well my company failed.
But what did happen is the goals that I had set out for my company, the expectations for how it would be failed. 
So then I retired my company (sold it) and went on to a different company that would target more of my goals. 
If you have read my article on "Mop Or a Scrub Brush" you know that I firmly believe that a business, or job, or career is merely a tool to help you to reach your goals. 
So stand strong on what you want, your desire, a clear concise plan of action. Then go for it and remember if one of you tools breaks, buy a new one, go about it a different way, whatever you have to do to rectify the situation.
Don't quit on your goals, and remember sometimes tools fail.

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