Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Make Money with GREED!

Greed is defined (in your online dictionary) as; An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.
It is a commonly stated Bible verse; The Love of Money is the root of all evil. So lets start there, when one finds him or herself seeking to have just a little bit more where does it cross the line to greed? The desire to better ones self is a noble desire. The bum under the bridge obviously, most would hope that he would increase his desire to better himself. And of course your brother-in-law that always borrows money from you, of course you wish he would better himself. 
So the key word in this definition of the word "greed" is going to be "excessive". 
And this apply's in any case where you desire to have more then you need. Sleep for instance can be desired to an excessive nature, food also can be excessively desired. So the key is to not allow yourself to go overboard in desiring one thing or another. (or is it) 
Greed in its truest form can destroy you, if you read any kind of history, there are many stories available about men, and women who have given themselves over to money, liquor, sex, and other things that in most cases are meant to be enjoyed. However greed is a very strong power that can be used in a good way; for instance to remove you from the couch, and into action to better yourself. 
I strongly believe that "balanced people go nowhere" (duh) in terms of moving forward. To finalize where I get that from lets have a little science lesson. When analyzing  balance, with walking, or running. In order to move forward you need to become unbalanced in that direction, then as your mind realizes that you are falling your foot and leg moves to catch you. That repeated motion is called walking. (Wow deep science lesson) 
So you may need to increase your desire for money if you intend on obtaining more of it, in other words "become off balanced" so your mind has to move your body to catch you. 
In order to do that there is a two step process, which I will explain in the form of this wonderful example by Robert Kiyoski. 
Imagine your standing in front of you kitchen counter in your right hand is a gallon of milk, and in you left an 8 ounce empty glass. You start to pour the gallon of milk into the 8 ounce glass, and suddenly you realize that you can't fit the entire gallon of milk into the 8 ounce glass. (big surprise) So you increase the size of the glass, and what do you know, each time the size in increased more milk can fit into the glass. 
So in this two step process to acquiring more money you first must increase the size of your ability, and faith to acquire more money then you are currently acquiring. Then when the milk, or money is poured your way you will be able to hold on to more then before. 
Great now we can practicalize (I know its not a word, Deal With It) this situation. In order for you to expand the amount of money you can currently possess you need to learn more about how it works, where it likes to hang out, what its good at, who it likes to hang around. Thats right! Learn more about your new found friend.
Hang out with her until you know her by heart, then you can take care of her better.
More later. 

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