Friday, October 22, 2010

Retirement, When Is A Good Time to Retire

What is the actual idea behind retiring anyway. I know most people see retirement as a time to relax, or enjoy life. But honestly who really has the money to retire anyway, and if you do have some money usually, its not enough to relax, or enjoy anything. Most people go back to work after they retire.
Let me ask you something, who would want to up, and stop being of any use to society anyway, I mean really. I want to always enjoy life. Remember this one very important thought; if what you spend the majority of your time on right now was gone tomorrow. Would your life be over.
I would not want to retire just to find out that I didn't have enough money to pay my bills, and I was still in the same boat that I was when I had a job.
Please listen to me, you need an idea, don't spend the rest of you life depending on your job, your place of employment to take care of you when your older.
This is your wake up call give off your tuff and learn something.

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