Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Money Concepts (Decisions)

I heard a well know business owner once say, "I only have to be right 51% of the time" Now lets think about this I know that if you are looking at making a move into owning your own business, or maybe making some money on the side online. You are looking at all the opportunity's out there and saying to yourself how am I supposed to pick the right one? What if I choose the wrong one? How do I know if I pick the right one? All of these questions you should ask yourself, you wouldn't be human if you didn't. But let me ask you this if you started and failed at 10 businesses in 15 years, and then the 11th business you started succeeded big time. And you made millions of dollars. What would that mean to you. I mean if you had a job and worked for 40 years what would they give you.
This is my point what ever you set you mind to learn that is what you are going to learn. Trial and error, try, and fail. Its an important part of winning. Did you hear me I said that LOSING IS AN IMPORTANT INGREDIENT FOR WINNING. Get that people. I know that you said you hate to lose. I even know that when you lose you are going to feel terrible the first time, second time, and maybe even the 100th time. But celebrate your losses, learn from them.
Remember the money guru Dave Ramsey, most people know him. You should read his biography sometime. He failed miserably lots of times. But wouldn't you love to have his bank account.
He turned his horrible dealings with money into millions of dollars. Incredible.
Lemons to lemonade.
Remember instead of being scared of making the wrong decision, be afraid of not making a decision. And being stuck in your job you are a slave to for the rest of your life. Wake Up People.

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