Thursday, June 10, 2010

Before You Quit Your Job

Now let me just stop and say that there is nothing wrong with a job, every one should have something to do. And at some point in time I think that everyone should work, and earn there money.
But if you take that money which is valuable only because you spent your precious time to acquire it and you spend it on something meaningless, (and you know what you would buy, or what you want,) then you have sacrificed your time to purchase that item.
The only thing that makes money so valuable is that we sacrifice our time to get it. Someone that does nothing to get there money usually squanders it on something.
I say work for it, and then Invest it. don't sacrifice your time or your husband or wife's time for money then squander it.
People say in passing "Yea I'm killing time" I heard some one tell me that "I'm not killing time, Time is killing me".
Now they meant it has a joke and laughed, but I say that that statement is more true then you might think. Every hour you trade for money is one hour, that time is killing you. Keeping you from your family, and the things that are important in life.
Now maybe you say well there is no getting out of that I have to work a job I have to trade my time for money there's no other way. REALLY, do you want to stick with that.
Most people put our money in a savings account, or under there mattress, in a safe, trying to protect it, take care of it make it last as long as possible. (we don't want to lose it) And then will work themselves to death, trying to make more money.
People work humans to death and care and pamper there money. I see this as totally backwards. Use should work your money to death and care, and pamper yourself and your family.
To be continued................

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