Monday, June 7, 2010

Lessons Money, Won't Tell You

She stood up from the table, and walked over to the counter to pay. The young man from behind the counter greeted her, and took the receipt, and the money, from her hand.
As she payed for their meal she turned around to see her husband Joe, just standing up from the table. Their eyes met and he smiled.

It had been a long hard year for both Becky, and Joe.
Joe works long hours down at the factory in town, while Becky works as a clerk at a local food market. They never have really made much money, but between the two of them, their doing pretty good.

Joe! Becky says, as she turns away from the counter. Do you think that we will be able to find a new car for less then $4,000. I mean we got $6000 back on out taxes, but with the big screen TV that we bought we only have $4000 left over. Joe looks up, I don't know sweetheart, I am taking off work tomorrow and we can both go out an look for one. Great idea, You know! The food sure is good here. Becky replies. Joe turns his head, Yeah but its really expensive, if it wasn't for the left over money from the TV we wouldn't be able to afford to eat here. Becky smiling, baby we just got our taxes back, you need to learn to live a little, I mean you've worked hard all year, now its time to relax for a day, or so.
Hi! My name is Mike, and if the above story sounds familiar to you either you've heard it or have done it yourself, then you really need to read on. And if you think there was no problem with the story above you really need to listen.
I know your thinking about all the money problems that you have, but I guarantee that the problems that you think that you have are not "The Problem". Someone once said "Money Is Power, or Money Has Power."
I would like to share with you some insights into the lifestyle of "MONEY"

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