Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lessons Money, Can Teach You

Lesson Money #1. Use Money, Not People
This term goes a long way in the business world, in every thing from running your employees into the ground, to laying off 100's of people. You need to know how to learn moneys' ways, what it likes where it goes, Etc....
But the term I want to talk about (Use Money, Not People) deals directly with the person, the individual, people in there every day life going to work, and coming home. In this lies lessons money can teach you. You need to think of money like your employee, and don't ever let it sit around and do nothing. Don't let it waste its energy! Study money like a project.
Money is Power, Money Has Power. That power will be used against you or in your favor. Most people choose to let money control them, never letting it out of there sight. But that's not how you learn money, you have to use it, you have to risk money's very existence.
This phrase (Use Money, Not People) comes to mind every time I hear some one say "well if I invest, I might lose my money". I often have wondered why people pamper, and care for their money, sometimes even more then there family. They will spend hours and hours of precious time at a job for little, or no money, and bring it home only to spend it on something that they don't need.
I will tell you every time; that this is the prime example of someone using people, not money. Why would you sacrifice time with your husband time with your wife, or kids. So you can buy you a big screen TV. I know in the back of your mind your saying, I wouldn't do that, But people do that around the U.S all day long. Sacrificing there most precious asset (time) for a dollar.
Your husband might say "Well I need the extra hours if we are going to go on vacation."
That is the kind of thinking I want to debunk in your mind. My hope is to teach you to use money, learn money, and make more money to purchase the things that you want. Instead of sacrificing your Husband or Wife to get those things.
To Be Continued.........................

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