Thursday, June 10, 2010

Key To Money Making, Use A Mop

Scrub Brush instead of a Mop

Sitting at dinner one evening, we were dicussing about the phrase easy money. Someone had told me that week (while speaking generally) that I was always after easy money. We were thinking that obtaining money is just like any other job that you might do, lets take cleaning a floor for instance.
Why would you use a scrub brush to clean the floor instead of a mop. I mean the scrub brush would probably get it cleaner then the mop. But lets say your boss didn't care which one you used and he told you to clean the floor and pointed to the scrub brush.
Now if you had never heard a mop you migh grab the scrub brush and go to work. Other wise when he pointed to the scrub brush, you would then ask him do you have a mop, It might be faster, and easier.
Same with making money. You can work for it, (and there is harder and easier things to do) or you can invest the money that you get to make more money. Which ever you prefer, but if you've never heard of investing, or you don't know what, or how to invest you might continue to work all your life. All I'm suggessting is that you learn the other way to do it.
If I could show you a way to consistently double your money once a week. Would you do that or continue to try to find a job. I'm not saying that a job isn't neccessary I'm only saying that after you have used the scrub brush for a year or two in your business, you might have enough money to buy a mop.
Do what you want to become.

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