Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Turn Your Words To Money, Online

I turned and walked down the hall "It can't be done!" I heard him scream. I personally knew that making money online could be done, I had dedicated my life to building a business from home, and now some business guy from Chicago was going to tell me it couldn't be done. I climbed into my car and drove aimlessly for miles. Seeing a Starbucks I pulled in, money was getting tighter then the tie around my neck, but I had to have a White Chocolate Mocha Frap. I walked in and was greeted politely " Hi How is your day today" "Fine" I replied. Knowing my day was worse then fine, my life was turned upside down, I had just sold a business, thinking that all my hard work, planning would pay off, and that my idea was going to take me running into the sunset of my future. Now I had only fallen off success cliff and into a muddy pit of no job, no business, no money. Well take that back, I did have a business 2 in fact, just no success. How could I build a business from home, online. I had tried almost every method, wasted thousands of dollars, I mean it was so clear to me, that wasting money online was defiantly easy. The cool ice of a very tasty coffee soothed down my throat, my hand clinched the cold cup. What was I waiting for? How come I let this one guy pull me down so low? I really looked up to him. We had been friends for a long time, but now with the economy crunch it was driving us apart. Money, Money, Money thats what stood between me and my dream, of working from my quite office at home, traveling the world. I had to use the internet to make money, I know there are lots of people doing it somewhere, surly it could
Then out of nowhere it hit me, I'll sell my words!
The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness I know your probably thinking "where is he going with this", truth is that most people don't understand the power behind the written word. It can convince someone who is totally sane that they are in a world of loony people, or it can turn someone from what they have always believed to something else. Take the bible for instance, it has been around for generations, people have given there lives for the written word, because they believed what it said was true.
You just have to put them together, combine your words with truth and quality.
Search engines across the World Wide Web are based on the Spider method of crawling websites for words. Maybe that why when you are searching for a particular topic you come across a article that seems to repeat what you typed into the search bar about 20 times through the article. This is called using Keywords to attract readers. 
However providing what the reader wants is key though. Write with keywords but provide deep, practicle meaning also, and you win the crowd.
To find out how you can build your own business through selling your words click below.

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