Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Dangers in Being is Sales For a Profit!

I remember reading an incredible article put out by the Lead Management Co. Norvax. In it was real facts about real problems that people were having when it came to working Internet Leads.
At the end of the article the writer, included very intriguing ways to overcome these problems. Then he showed everyone how you could fix the problems in a few steps. The article was a hit, people responded like crazy. Sales sored for this company.
I also heard another story of an advertising company, that released to the press an article, about how they write winning ads. Many people thought that by doing this, they had decreased their business. I mean by telling clients how they could do it, wouldn't that make the clients do it themselves, instead of coming to you. Maybe. But it didn't. Sales Sored.
These to stories have something in common, when you think of advertising, and sales, remember how nice it is  for the salesmen to go out of his way to give you a sample, of the product your looking at purchasing. Or the last time you walked though Sam's Club and picked up a free sample. There is a reason why these people give away free things. Truth is that more people buy the item that was given to them for free. Free trials are not a thing of the past.
The never ending proverb in sales, "You can get what you want, if you help enough people get what they want" is still true. People want to know that your confident enough in your product, that you could give it to them, with out expecting anything in return, and trust them to come back, and purchase from you.
I know most business owners, and sales people are greedy, and want the customer to give first before they go out of their way. (an example is in order)
I remember going into a Chevy dealership to trade in a truck, that I had for a while. The sales men (A.K.A Bob) approached my wife, and I (with a smile). "How can I help you" I proceeded to tell him the story behind the truck, then I asked him how much he would give me, for a trade in on a new Chevy 4 door car. "Well we will have to look it over, and appraise it, why don't you come in to my office and have a seat." He said. We pleasantly agreed and followed him into his very small cubical, that was about 6X6, with a desk, 3 chairs, a garbage can, and a lot of papers. The glass walls all the way around me, made me feel somewhat claustrophobic, and maybe a little like a hamster.
He sat down in front of us and pulled out a piece of paper and began asking as the normal appraisal questions, you'd ask a client that was trading in a vehicle. "What year is the truck?" He ask, "2009" I replied, after an extensive nervous interview (on his part). He said, "Well you guys wait here, and I will go give this to the appraisal guy".
It seemed like we waited for hours, but while we were waiting, I will never forget the audacity of that salesperson to put across his computer screen on his screensaver, I remember as clear as day. It kept going around, and around, "BUY TODAY!!!!". I was trying to maintain composure, but deep down inside I felt like this guy was trying to pull something on me. Here I was willing to take a chance on him, (listen people this is real) let him try to come up with a deal that I would like. And he was already basiclly commanding me to buy today! Maybe it was his attitude, or how he looked, or maybe the environment. Never the less I will never back down from my argument that, that salesman wanted something from me. I know what your thinking "of course he did, he wanted the sale" Thats not the point, as soon as you reveal to your client that all you have on your mind is that client walking out with having bought something from your greedy tail, and your not thinking, how can I deliver the best service to this client, You, my friend have LOST.
Needless to say, when he came back, I was ready to go, we didn't buy, and we drove down the street to the Hyundai dealership, and traded that truck in for a brand new 4 door car.
You have to be able to give up the fact that you are in business to make money. Just forget it, when you are on the sales floor, at a sales meeting, or giving a presentation. Forget It.
You will have plenty of time to count your money, and determine if your making a profit, or not, after the sale. The sooner you learn this, the sooner you will make more sales.
Just keep singing the old Gambler song, "You got to know went to hold up, know when to fold up, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money, when your sitting at the table, they'll be time enough to count it, when the dealings done.(If you have never heard it, look it up. It may be old, but applies more to sales then you will ever know)
I didn't say it was easy, just needed.
Fill the customers need first, take care of him with no thought of anything in return. NO THOUGHT of anything in return, And he will owe you for the rest of his life.
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