Monday, February 21, 2011

Are you Passionate about your Job, (J.O.B) Just Over Broke

Now don't take me wrong on this one, any thing in life that is worth doing, is going to take some doing. Trust me making money online is no picnic. Its not going to be all fun and games. But remember back in history, any person who did something great usually was someone who carried a strong passion, for what they were doing. Now maybe they all didn't have a huge amount of fun working. But they did follow their passion. Which is what I'm trying to tell you. When you are making money online, or starting any type of business you need to do it for passion, FIRST! Not Money! There are thousands of people in the world that work hard, and make a good living (I'm not denying that) doing something that they despise. Let me tell you people "Life is TO short" you can spend a lifetime doing nothing. That doesn't mean that you will never be anything, or that no one will ever care for you. I am not talking about being cared for, we are talking about doing something with your @%&$# life. It turns my stomach to see people chasing nothing, working there life away by the hour.
One of the best examples of this is the story of the Donkey, chasing the carrot. the person riding the donkey is holding a stick with a string and a carrot dangled ever so tempting in front of the donkey. The donkey unknowingly walks on and every once in a while the owner will give him a little nibble, just to keep him walking forward.
I don't want to put anyone down by calling them a donkey. But if you are working at a dead end job (and we all know what that is), and your not pursuing any other form of making money. Maybe you should consider using your spare time to benefit you a little. Unless the Donkey owner doesn't give you anytime to think, I know your sooooo busy getting stuff done, and your soooooo tired when you get home. My point exactly, what are you doing, is the results worth the work?
So I am going to ask you a series of Question:
Do you want to make money online?
Do you want to make money from Home?
Is quiting your job tomorrow something that would thrill you more then a vacation?
Do you have life?
What do you really want to do?
Maybe its time to do something, maybe its time to take action, and mind your own business instead of the owners.
Waking Up the World one person at a time.

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